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How much toothpaste should you use?

September 25, 2020 0 comments

How much toothpaste should you use?

September 25, 2020 0 comments

How much toothpaste should you put on your toothbrush? Chances are, you probably use an amount similar to the photo, or possibly even more than that, covering your toothbrush with a peanut shaped toothpaste. After all, that’s what’s shown on the toothpaste box and on advertisements.

Here’s the thing, – you really don’t need that much toothpaste. Studies show that Malaysians are just using too much toothpaste!

If you ask us, less is more when it comes to keeping your teeth sparkling clean and healthy. So, how much toothpaste should you be using, and how much is too much? What are the risks of using too much toothpaste in your brushing routine? The reason for this excessive toothpaste cultures simple: Sell more toothpaste to consumers!

The thing is, if you’re using more toothpaste than you actually need, that means you’re finishing your tube of toothpaste quicker. Translating to buying new toothpaste more frequently, and therefore more sales and money for toothpaste manufacturers!

So what is the ideal amount of toothpaste for daily brushing?

According to the Malaysian Dental Association, the healthiest and ideal amount of toothpaste is actually just a pea-sized amount, so just under half of the usual amount!

What about my children?

As anybody with kids knows, children have special requirements, as their bodies are still actively growing and developing. They can’t take an adult dosage of medicine for example, and have particular dietary requirements to ensure optimal development.

These unique requirements also extend to their oral hygiene. That’s because young teeth are particularly vulnerable to fluoride overdoses, which in turn can result in fluorosis – resulting in rough teeth surfaces and yellowing.
So, how much toothpaste should you be giving your little ones?

Well, that depends on their age…

“For age 3+, we recommend a Pea-shaped amount of toothpaste”

Adults – Pea sized amount

For adults or anyone that’s old enough to brush their teeth independently (including children that can rinse well and floss on their own,) only a pea sized amount of toothpaste is necessary. Anything more than this is unnecessary.

Kids – Rice grain sized smear

As soon as your little one starts to get teeth, it’s important to start using fluoridated toothpaste. Experts recommend using fluoridated products earlier, but only an amount that’s the size of a grain of rice. That way if it’s accidentally swallowed, it won’t be enough to cause intestinal problems or issues with tooth development.

How can Flipper Whale Squirter help your children’s brush? 

Just slip on your toothpaste (fit most tubes) inside the silicone grip and you’re ready to go! The small opening reduces excessive toothpaste use while the waves squeezer allows you to squeeze your toothpaste to the last drop!

Watch the video to see how we use Whale to prevent overusing toothpaste!

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