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Play – Explore Endless Possibilities

September 11, 2020 0 comments

Play – Explore Endless Possibilities

September 11, 2020 0 comments

Flipper toothbrush cover was invented with the idea of fun & easy storage in mind. Our concept is not to be just an ordinary toothbrush cover, but something more, we want to revolutionise the dental hygiene industry with our brushing companions, encouraging proper brushing techniques and turning wiggles into giggles worldwide. With numerous award-winning models being released since the inception of our patented toothbrush cover mechanism, from favourites like our “Fun Animal” Series that accompanies your kids in their morning brushing routine, to the elegant “Mira” series that styles your bathroom a.k.a the designer’s choice. So we wondered, what’s next for Flipper? How can we help young adults and teenagers express themselves while elevating their dental hygiene?

Style Your Bathroom with Flipper Play!

Introducing our Flipper ‘Play’ series! Young adults love the challenge, being bold, and imaginative… so are we! The main concept for “Play” is to conceptualise and inspire creativity, adding that splash of colour to everyones daily brushing routine. The design and shape of the toothbrush covers serves as a canvas for bold, funky and modern graphics. Our Play toothbrush covers also encourages fans to show their love for their favourite childhood cartoons, sports teams or even brands with our tailored licensed graphic prints. With the full print surface that mimics a pin badge, the possibilities of Play designs are simply endless. Perfect for that special someone or yourself! 

With designs ranging from artsy, painting-like graphics from our ’This is Life!’ series, our beloved and mesmerising ‘Patternmania‘ series to the foodie’s favourite ’Merdeka’ series featuring our mouth-watering Durian and Nasi Lemak designs! It comes with so many variants, and endless colour combinations, regardless of who you are, you definitely will find one for yourself!

With over 25 million users around the world, don’t miss out and grab your Flipper today!

Buy It. Use It. Collect It. Swap It. 

Flipper Play is simply Beyond Imagination

Can’t decide? Shop our Flipper Play packs!

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