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Travel | Biggest Headache! How to store toothbrush when it’s still wet?


Travel | Biggest Headache! How to store toothbrush when it’s still wet?


In the blink of an eye, it’s the time when our thoughts drift away from work, school, or whatever it is you’ve been doing for the first half of the year. One of the most important things we’ll have to do before travelling is to pack our luggage. No matter the length of the trip – be it a weekend getaway at Penang or a 3-week backpacking trip throughout New Zealand – one essential item that is often overlooked is our trusty toothbrush and how to keep it clean when travelling.

How to pack toothbrush properly?

Usually, most of us would just put our toothbrush and other toiletries into a plastic or toiletries bag without giving it much thought. Without proper storage, our toothbrush would be exposed to dust, dirt, bacteria and other foreign particles which can cause oral disease. The toothbrush is a very personal item that we put into our mouths daily and it’s very important to keep it clean and germ-free at all times.

“Thanks to the handy Flipper, now I can bring my toothbrush with me wherever I go”

Flipper toothbrush cover protects your toothbrush and prevents any contact between the bristles and other personal care items in the kit such as moisturiser, toothpaste, face mist and even razor. Check out how our Flipper Basic is conveniently easy to use, place it into your travel kit and enjoy your hassle-free journey.

Brushing teeth in public toilet, Yay or Nay?

Have you ever experienced situation that night-driving at North-South highway or stay overnight in the airport or during flights, we might have to brush our teeth in a public toilet that hundreds of people use everyday. I once had a flight transit in KLIA and was about to brush my teeth in the airport toilet. However, I was very reluctant to put my toothbrush on the countertop where there’s water from other sinks splashing over to mine. Luckily I brought my Flipper, the suction cup attach well onto the mirror, it kept my toothbrush from being exposed to germs.

Biggest headache! How to store toothbrush when it’s still wet?

Got to leave for the next destination before the bristles are dry? Sealing a damp toothbrush in a bag will also cause bacteria to grow on the bristles. Flipper is designed to keep your toothbrush properly ventilated as it air-dries your bristles naturally.

No space for your toothbrush in hotel?

With handy Flipper, all we have to do is to take it out of the travel kit and attach to the bathroom mirror in one simple motion. The colorful Flipper will also make sure you don’t forget to bring it with you when you check out. Just because we enjoy our travels doesn’t mean we have to neglect our oral hygiene.With Flipper, we can make sure we have bright white smiles in our travel photos! Learn about Flipper!

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